Treadmill Dread? Boil the Frog!

Meet my running partner Maddie, a 4 year old vizsla who won’t let me miss a workout. When its cold and I try to shrug a run, she heads to the treadmill. She is happy to tread while I ride the rower or bike.

Treadmill Dread? Boil the Frog

The dreadmill, the mill, the hamster wheel ….. the treadmill. If you are cold, wind or ice adverse, the treadmill can help keep you on track when artic conditions blow in. Yet running in place can be a mind numbing experience and make you feel a bit like a hamster. To avoid the hamster blues, try “boiling the frog”.

The Boil the Frog Workout (from

There’s an old folk warning that if you put a frog in boiling water, he’ll jump right out. But if you put him in cool water and slowly raise the temperature, he won’t even realize it. It’s been proven false (and creepy), but we’re going to do a similar experiment on the treadmill.

Start running at your normal comfortable pace. Every five minutes, increase the pace by about 10 seconds per mile (press the “increase speed” button twice), and increase the incline by .5 percent.

Do this every five minutes for 30 minutes, and you’ll soon be running a minute-per-mile faster at an incline of 3 percent. Once you reach this level, reverse the order and slowly go back down to your starting speed and incline. For more tips to make treadmill running more bearable visit