Stacey Sanders, RN, COHN-S

Stacey Sanders, RN, COHN-SStacey Sanders is a Registered Nurse with 35 years of experience as an Occupational Health Nurse Specialist. She has extensive administration and clinical experience including 10 years as a Certified Case Manager and Disability Management Specialist.

During the past 25 years, she has worked closely with many area employers, providing onsite services that include mandated OSHA and MSHA programs, assisting with compliance management such as Hearing Conservation Programs and Respiratory Protection Programs.

Helping employers and employees navigate the complex regulations of these agencies is a keystone of Stacey’s client-centered service to the employer community.

She is a contributing author of “Working Safely in Health Care”, by Deborah Fell-Carlson.

Additionally, Stacey and her staff provide a variety of educational seminars, wellness programs, on-site nursing services, compliance policy development and consultation. She is a CAOHC Course Director and instructor for drug and alcohol collection services.

Stacey received her Bachelor’s degree in nursing from Augustana University.