Do You Do The Penguin Shuffle?

Baby its cold outside! And ice and snow make parking lots and sidewalks a danger zone! 

No matter how diligent we are in snow removal efforts, winter provides a canvas for slippery surfaces.  So keep your eyes peeled for hazards.  Watch for black ice, snow covered ice and uneven surfaces.  

PenguinWhile the horse knows the way to carry the sleigh, over the river and through the woods, avoid taking shortcuts, they will leave you face down in the snow. Use designated walkways and keep your eyes focused ahead.  If the sidewalk is covered with snow or ice look for firmer footing along the edge.  Getting in and out of your vehicle is a prime time to take a ride on the polar express.  Use the vehicle for support when getting in and out.  

Walk like a penguin to reduce your chances of slipping and falling.   Keep your head up, point your feet out, take slow short steps or shuffle, extend your arms out to your sides for balance and walk flat footed.  The Penguin, though dressed to the nines in his tuxedo, always wears sensible kicks.  Heels and smooth soled shoes on ice will take you for a slippery ride. Wear shoes or boots that provide traction on snow and ice.  If you must wear heels or smooth soled shoes to work, change into them after you get inside.

If you are out and about and see unsafe areas, parking lots or sidewalks, please report them; and do your part to keep your walks and lots as safe as possible.