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October Wellnotes – Eat Your Peas

Black Hills Urgent Care is proud to offer the October Wellnotes newsletter. Packed full of information about healthy eating, simple exercises and much more. Download and share this newsletter with your friends and co-workers. Octobers issue contains information on: Healthy Halloween Eating your Peas Antibiotic Use Flu Vaccine Much more. 

Wellnotes – Food Diary Doubles Weight Loss

The September issue of the Wellnotes from Black Hills Urgent Care highlights the use of food diarys to help you lose weight. Research shows that if you write down what you eat (and be honest about it) you will lose more weight than those who don’t. Read about this and other interesting articles by downloading […]

Wellnotes – Are Your Feet Making You Fat?

Foot pain can be worse than back pain or knee pain. With 72% of Americans not exercising because of foot pain, this months Wellnotes looks at ways to aleviate foot pain and get you back to exercising. Other articles this month include: Solving the sodium problem Zucchini Recipes Heart Health and Pistachios Obesity Diagnosis Download […]