Occupational Medicine is Physician Owned

Black Hills Occupational Medicine, LLP is owned by Black Hills Surgical Hospital, LLP which is proudly owned by physicians.

The occupational medicine facility provides the highest levels of service and quality care.

Below is a complete list of our physician owners:

  • Angela K. Anderson, MD
  • Trevor Anderson, MD
  • Mark Ballard, MD
  • Jeffrey Bendt, MD
  • Gail Bernard, MD
  • Marcia Beshara, MD
  • Margaret Chilvers, MD
  • Christopher Dietrich, MD
  • Clark Duchene, MD
  • Aaron Dykstra, MD
  • Stephen Eckrich, MD
  • Stuart Fromm, MD
  • Christian Gaffney, MD
  • Steven Giuseffi, MD
  • Robert Ingraham, MD
  • Zachary S. Jager, MD
  • Michael Kadrmas, MD
  • Jason LaBrie, MD
  • Dave Lang, MD
  • Brett Lawlor, MD
  • Jeffrey Marrs, MD
  • Emmett McEleney, MD
  • Samuel L. Mortimer, MD
  • Lew Papendick, MD
  • Kent Renaud, DPM
  • Stuart Rice, MD
  • Jennifer Ryder, DPM
  • Jack Robert Schleiffarth, MD
  • Pamela Schmagel, MD
  • Mary Snyder, MD
  • Peter Vonderau, MD
  • Tim Watt, MD
  • Robert Woodruff, MD

Please contact us with any questions you may have. Our team of specialists are available to assist your business to achieve health and safety at work.