Four Ways to Fight Depression

If you ever feel sad, discouraged, or down in the dumps, you’re not alone. Over the course of a lifetime, one in five women and one in nine men will experience depression. Our JanuaryWellNotes Newsletter outlines four ways to fight depression: Eat nutritious meals Get regular exercise Keep your mind active Be social More on those […]

Is There a Krokodil in Your Neighborhood?

Is there a “Krokodil” crawling in your neighborhood? And no we are not talking about the four-legged cold-blooded predator – Crocodile. We are talking about the newest illegal drug that is creeping its way into America’s Heartland.  The drug Krokodil has been on the Drug Enforcement Administration’s radar since 2011 and recent claims by doctors […]

I Ate All Your Cookies!

Meet Maddie.  Some refer to her as my “princess”.  There is a grain of truth to that. She may be a tad bit spoiled.  But today, I shall call her by her given name as stated on her papers: “Blake’s Madeline Ascherin”.   I am sure you can relate to the severity of the subject at […]

Do You Do The Penguin Shuffle?

Baby its cold outside! And ice and snow make parking lots and sidewalks a danger zone!  No matter how diligent we are in snow removal efforts, winter provides a canvas for slippery surfaces.  So keep your eyes peeled for hazards.  Watch for black ice, snow covered ice and uneven surfaces.   While the horse knows the […]

Midlife Crisis + Ice Skates = Lessons Learned.

I drove by the Main Street Square Ice Rink,  nostalgic as I saw youth floating around on the ice.  I envisioned myself strapping on skates and performing on blades like a jumping dynamo. Memories flooded my mind of skating on local lakes wearing white figure skates with huge pink pom poms; a time when ankles were strong, limbs were limber, and […]